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Walking round the aisles of my local bookstore, I stumbled on several good books I’m currently reading in between feverishly editing my second book.

I’ve always been a fan of the Alex Cross series by James Patterson. His way of telling a story is both clear and precise. The narration flows with ease and I feel an instant connection with Detective Cross. I’m yet to be left disappointed by an Alex Cross book. As a no surprise to me, in one afternoon I read the latest from Patterson – ‘Cross The Line.’ It’s a fast paced action book, packed with suspense and crime. And in a very Patterson fashion, the beloved character Dr. Cross finds himself caught between doing the right thing and making things right. If you haven’t read ‘Cross the Line’ – I highly recommend that as me, you visit your bookstore and get a copy.   Another book I purchased that day was ‘No Man’s Land‘ by David Baldacci. Through the years I bought a number of Baldacci’s books. He writes with a sense of urgency, leaving the reader guessing, which is one reason of a thousand why I keep reading. ‘No Man’s Land’ was my first John Puller novel. The way the action moved, the story was compelling. Puller investigates his mother’s disappearance, also the reader gets to explore the Puller’s relationship with his dying father. A word of advice, read a few other John Puller books before you jump to ‘No Man’s Land’ but overall I enjoyed reading the novel immensely.   And now about the third book I bought that afternoon – John Grisham’s ‘The Whistler.’ I remember a teenager, Jolene Grace, browsing the town’s library, searching to discover new authors. A little book titled ‘The Pelican Brief’ turned my world upside-down. And so my journey as a lifelong Grisham fan began. ‘Whistler’ is one of those books that even after you’re done reading and you put the copy on the bookshelf, you still think of the characters and the plot. Check out any or all of these three books and share your feedback with me on Twitter. In the meantime, I’m back to editing.