If you’re anything like me – you think that New Year’s resolutions are meant to be broken.  It’s the same cycle when midnight comes around in that moment between saying goodbye to the previous year and ushering in the new – I promise myself to eat healthier, save more, exercise harder and live life to the fullest.

The next morning I wake up, ready to face the first day of 365 wonderful chapters waiting for me to write that year.  But by late afternoon, I’ve indulged in leftover candy, bench, watched old reruns of Friends (btw the greatest show ever produced!) and I’m too lazy to put on stretchy pants and head out the door for a gym sess. There goes my New Year’s resolutions! Feeling as though I’ve failed on day one.

Not this year. In my handy bag of tricks, I came up with easy to stick to New Year’s resolutions that are both achievable and fun!

  1. A bad habit I’m going to break:

No more sodas before bed!  It’s unhealthy and it keeps me up at night, and then I don’t get a good night’s rest.  So in 2017, I promise not to drink any sugary drinks before my beauty rest.

  1.   Try a new dish:

Ok, since I’m in a confessional mood, I’m going to share with you that I’ve never in my life tasted zucchini.  I know, some of you are shaking your head approvingly, trust me, I’ve walked countless times through the grocery store, bypassing the fresh produce division and made a mental note to come back at the end to grab the zucchini. But then conveniently forgot about them. Well, 2017, I’m at your mercy. This time, I’m going for it. If you have tasty zucchini recipes you want to share with me (go for it here).

  1.  Learn something new:

For my birthday last year, I received a brand new, shiny sewing machine. I’ve wanted to learn how to sew since, well, in forever. But I held back, too afraid of all the bells and whistles that come with it. The fast moving needle, the threat, the cutting, the process itself scared me. Then I go on Pinterest and I see the beautiful DIY projects, some of you crafty people share on there and I tell myself – Just Do It! Take a leap of faith!  Again, 2017 is the year of shredding old doubts and making way for the creative flow. (Stay tuned for nifty/crafty projects done on my sewing machine)


Then, let’s collectively take a deep breath. 2016 is officially over! Say it with me – 2016 is over!  Make sure you write down your top three resolutions for 2017 – no matter how minor or big they might be.  Take that note and put it someplace visible – on the refrigerator, on the desk or a door. Anywhere would work, as long as, you walk by it and see it every day.

Six months from now, revisit the list and give yourself a grade of how much progress you’ve made on getting those resolutions accomplish.


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