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Don’t panic if you’re suffering from a writer’s block and you can’t write a single word down. You haven’t lost your talent, well, maybe temporarily, but these simple tips and tricks will help you shake things up and get you back in the groove of things. 

Step away from the computer. There is no point in staring at the screen, wishing and hoping that words would magically come to you. Simply go refill your cup of coffee, or get a light snack would do wonders to your writer’s block. Allow yourself the space to take a breather from writing.Go for a walk. Fresh air will help you relax, after all crafting those twists and turns is never easy. If you live near a park, go there. Be one with nature. Don’t think about your book or your characters, just stay in the moment. If you feel stuck in the mud, and both one and two on this list didn’t help then here is one of my personal favorite hacks. Instead of typing on my keyboard, I write on a notepad with a pen. Why? It helps me think. I find it less daunting. Otherwise, I feel like I have to write something important and official on my blank pages. The pad soothes me and allows me to write badly, without judging me. After I’m done outlining a scene or a character description I read over my notes and by that time, my creative juices are flowing again. Part of the problem could be your writing space – I never understood how people could write while music was playing or people chit chatted around me in coffee shops. That type of environment would never work for me! I prefer to write in a quiet space with little to no noise! I turn off any notifications on my computer, so I’m not distracted by them. The last thing I want to deal with while in the peak of my writing is spam. Emails could wait. So, look around your writing space and determine if something or a combination of things could be a part of the reason for your writer’s block.

I hope that helps and I can’t wait to read your comments. Follow me on Twitter and listen to my podcast, the Jolene Grace Show, to get more writing tips.