I have been a Tom Clancy fan since forever. His character Jack Ryan, now a heart-pounding show on Amazon Prime, is probably one of my top five action characters of all time. His latest book, ‘Op-Center Sting of the Wasp’ came out on May 28th and it was a featured book on my May TBR list.


Despite the mixed reviews on Amazon, some readers are pointing out that the book plot is not plausible or the characters are not on par with other Clancy books, I simply and whole-heartedly disagree. The Sting Of The Wasp is packed with action. The characters deal with issues that are modern, timely and wait for it plausible.


A quick synopsis: USS Intrepid becomes a terrorist site when a bomb explodes on the flight desk, killing innocent people who were there to view the floating Air and Space Museum. The culprit behind this horrendous act is Captan Ahmed Salehi, an Iranian with a deep seethed hate against America.


In Washington, The White House has ordered the Op-Center disbanded, but a new team, called Black Wasp, I love the name, is formed. Each member is chosen for his unique talent. We are introduced to an intelligence agent, a lawyer, a martial arts expert, and a sharpshooter.


By far my favorite was the intelligence officer.


My only complaint is that I wish a female character was included in the Black Wasp.


If you are a Tom Clancy fan, ‘Op-Center Sting of the Wasp’ is exactly what you will expect. And I think you will like the book. It’s visually descriptive to help you follow the action, there is plenty of that going on.