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So here we are the last book by Dean Koontz in the Jane Hawk’s series is out, which means we have to say goodbye to Jane. It’s a long and sorrow goodbye. I’ve read all the books in the series and it hit me hard when I find out “The Night Window” will the last.

I wanted not to like this book. I told myself that I shouldn’t, inside me, however, I knew otherwise. It’s an engaging story, and Dean Koontz is a brilliant storyteller who never stops producing entertaining books.  Personally, I found, ‘The Night Window’ to be his best, after the debut book ‘The Silent Corner.’  Jane Hawk is a strong female character, with a complicated personal life and ruined professional life all thanks to a cunning enemy, the Techno Arcadians.


The Arcadians are implanting humans with chips, deleting their memories and essentially turning them into slaves.  The Night Window will terrify you, surprise you, and hold your attention. What more can you ask for? Not a thing. It’s a bittersweet ending to an awesome series.

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