Rogue Strike by David Ricardi left me whiplash. It’s an endless battle between enemies, friends and foes, putting out small fires that ended up inferno. Rogue Strike was a roller coaster ride without the slow build up before you have to take a scary dip. In fact, there is no buildup. It begins with a fight scene and it goes on from there.

David Ricardi knows his stuff, military jargon, weapons and fighting and I like that. His latest book, published on June 4th, is exactly why military thriller junkies love and follow this genre. Usually, I would like the books that  I read to have more complex plot than so much fighting, but Ricardi’s done it right. His plot takes us to the  worst case scenario and now what? 

CIA agent Jake Keller and Curt Roach are on a mission when they receive a tip of a secret meeting between Al Qaeda leaders. The plan is to disrupt the meeting by detonating several missile via drone but the drones stop responding mid air and instead their course is modified and they hit Mecca, the holy site for Muslims, killing innocent people.

The world is outraged. Terrorist cells begin to infiltrate the U.S. seeking revenge. Keller believes the missiles were tempered with to draw the homeland into another war. Keller and Roach are left on their own to clean up the mess and find out who is behind the crime.

Rogue Strike is a stellar book.