I still can’t figure out what happened? I’m not a sci-fi fan. I checked and then double checked my library and I’m the proud owner of none sci-fi books in my collection…till now, of course. Recursion by Blake Crouch, published on June 7th, is taking the publishing world by a storm, rightfully so, may I gallantly add. I’m not sure what drew me first to the book, the bright yellow book cover, screaming for my attention or the bold synopsis. Perhaps a combination of both.

NYC cop, Barry Sutton, is on the case, investigating what the media calls a phenomenon False Memory Syndrome which infiltrates its victims with memories not their own. Scary? Realistic? But possible? I’m hooked line and sinker.

The book gave me a pause, and I reflected on my bank of memories, which one was more precious than the other which one if given the opportunity would I go back and relive. I couldn’t narrow it down because they are many I wish to experience again. The power of memory is a force not to be tempered with, a notion, Helena Smith, a neuroscientist who’s devoted her life to inventing technology that will let us relive our memories, understands.

Barry and Helena are working together to stand up against a mighty adversary who wishes to undo reality.

The book written from a POV of both Barry and Helena was a smart approach by Crouch. It allowed me to see through both of their eyes.

At the end, Recursion, is too good to pass up. It’s eccentric, innovative, and yes plenty of sci-fi elements which I didn’t mind but embraced!