The brilliant Caz Frear, Sweet Little Lies, is back with Stone Cold Heart on sale since July 2nd. Cat Kinsella whom we met in Sweet Little Lies, is back too working on a new case still balancing her complicated professional and personal life.

Cat is investigating the murder of an Australian woman Naomi Lockhart, whose murder is full of gaps and inconsistencies. And while Cat and her team are scrambling to build a case against a suspect, they discover that nothing adds up. To make things worse, Cat’s boyfriend, Aiden Doyle, whom she’s keeping a secret from her friends, is not too pleased. Cat, off course, has her reasons. And then there is her dad’s old college friend, Frank Hickley, who is threatening to reveal her father’s secrets if Cat doesn’t help him in exchange for his silence.

The book is packed with characters, but I found it easy to follow the plot and not get confused in who did what and where? Another bonus was the engaging dialogue scenes, something of a signature of Caz.

Overall, Stone Cold Heart was a gratifying book and a strong follow up after Sweet Little Lies.