New York Time Bestselling author Ben Coes’ latest book ‘The Russian’ is explosive, noir and a heart attack on a page. He writes the type of books that speak to my heart – espionage with plots that drop me in the middle of the action in a foreign country. I can’t resist.

‘The Russian’ is Coes’ new series featuring Rob Tacoma, an ex-Navy Seal and a recruit by the CIA to take on American’s worst enemy.

Members of the Russian mob have infiltrated America and are controlling the criminal underworld. Blocking every attempt by law enforcement to curb their illegal activities, the Russian mob has grown into a powerful enterprise that is wagging a full-blown war against the U.S. by killing two top politicians. Sen. John O’Flahert, the ‘Lion’ is shot in the head; while the second victim, Gov. Nick Black, a frontrunner in an upcoming presidential election, is poisoned.

America must strike back without declaring a war to a powerful foe. The CIA is granted power through an executive order signed by President Dellenbaugh, to kill the men controlling the Red mafia.

Rob Tacoma and his partner, Bill Cosgrove, are the right men for the job. However, the comrades kill Cosgrove first. For Tacoma this fight is personal.

Life hasn’t been an easy gig for this Navy Seal who was raised by his grandparents because two Russian thugs killed his parents leaving him with a deep seethed hatred for the ex-Soviets. And if the death of his family is the gasoline, then the death of Cosgrove is the match that starts the hellfire.

Tacoma is faced with an enemy with limitless resources and no conscious, but he is going to fight this war to its bitter end, stopping at nothing.

There were so many moments of this book that I loved. ‘The Russian’ is a perfect add on to my collection of books and I highly recommend it to the book enthusiasts of this genre. It’s a pulse-racing adventure, you’ve been warned.