Since reading the first book, ‘Girl Most Likely,’ in the Krista Larson series, by Max Allan Collins, I was waiting with elation for him to drop the second book. Lo-and-behold my wait was over, because on March 10th, Collins released ‘Girl Can’t Help It,’ book II and I’m here to tell you that’s a knockout.

I have raved in the past of how much I loved ‘Girl Most Likely’ in which he introduced to his legion of devoted readers, myself included, a new female character, Krysta Larson, a small town chief, who, along with her retired cop dad solves murders in their community.
Book I was terrific. One of those lemme read a few more pages and before you know it, you’ve read the entire book and satisfied a craving.
A craving was also reading book II, ‘Girl Can’t Help It.’ A mix of Rock ‘n’ Roll mashed with small town politics and a murder, more than one actually.
A local band Hot Rod and the Pistons reunite for their induction into the Iowa Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame when two band members end up dead under suspicious circumstances.
The inspiration for ‘Girl Can’t Help It,’, Collins drew from his own foray into the Rock ’n’ Roll scene, playing in bands.
“This is the first novel in my long fiction-writing career in which I’ve drawn extensively upon my years in rock ‘n’ roll. Collins shares with his readers.
I especially liked how descriptive Collins is with his characters and scenes. Often I’m transformed to the small town of Galena, sipping a beverage in the back of a local dive bar, listening to one of the local bands perform, as Krista and Keith, do their job, searching for a murder.
If you haven’t yet purchased ‘Girl Can’t Help It,’ I highly recommended it. It’s a nice ride filled with interesting characters, rock ‘n’ roll tidbits, and a plot that gratifies.