June is all about Dad — the strong, funny, loving fathers, who always have a shoulder we can lean on. Yes, I’m talking about those dads! My husband is exactly the guy I’m describing. He can play for hours with our children, listen to their never-ending stories, build things out of nothing, go hiking, swimming, biking. You name it, he’s going to do it if our children ask him to. And I love watching him and the kids together. So, on June 19th, I planned on spoiling him big time. He’s totally worth it. Read on to see my big Father’s Day plans.

Every year I ask my husband what he wants for this holiday or that. And the answer is always something simple. Dinner at home, quiet evening with me, backyard fun with the kids. Well, this year, I’m giving him everything on his wish list and more.

For starters, I’m grilling some burgers on our backyard patio and making corn on the cob, salad with veggies from our garden, and baking him a cake (vanilla with chocolate frosting).

Then, we’ll have some fun in the yard with this Ninja obstacle course I grabbed from Amazon. It came with over 3,000 five start reviews and it looked super easy to set up. And since our family is super competitive, I had to buy a trophy. One of us will be crowned the winner. Stay tuned on that one.

After we’ve climbed, ran, zip lined, chased and rolled around on the Ninja course, it’s time to sit back and relax with some homemade ice cream. My husband loves and I mean loves ice cream. And nothing says, I love you babe! than gifting him an ice cream maker! I love this one and again the reviews were amazing.

And when the plates and dinner dishes are done, the house is put back together, and everyone is settled down, I can give him the gift I’ve been saving for last. I got him this circular saw with a single beam laser, of course. What did you think???

There is always a home project my husband is working on and I thought — he needed a new one and 8,000 people recommended it.

That’s my Father’s Day plans. Cross your fingers everything goes according to plan. If not, we’ll have plenty of homemade ice cream!

If you don’t know what to get for the Father in your life, here are some suggestions I thought were pretty cool.

Happy Father’s Day!