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The body of Alex Murdaugh’s dead housekeeper to be exhumed four years after her suspicious trip and fall accident that caused her death. Gloria Satterfield worked for the Murdaugh’s family for nearly twenty years until she tripped on the family dog and hit her head. Satterfield never regained consciousness and died three weeks later. Speculations have swirled around the cause. Something wasn’t adding up. Until recently, the South Carolina police wasn’t able to investigate. But, nine months ago, the department formally opened a criminal investigation.

For a while, we didn’t hear much about what was going on. Then, the Hampton County Coroner, Amy Topper, sent a letter to the local law officials expressing concern that Mrs.Satterfield’s death was never reported to her office, and no autopsy was ever performed on the body. It sounds like that got the ball rolling for investigators.

In her letter, Topper further points out that the cause of death on the certificate was listed as ‘natural’, which is highly doubtful if Mrs. Satterfield died from trip and fall injuries.

The South Carolina police asked Mrs. Satterfield’s sons for permission to exhume her body. Her family agreed to the request.

Why is the police suspicious of her death? For one, four years ago, at Mrs. Satterfield’s funeral, Alex Murdaugh told her two children that her death was his fault. He told them he will file a lawsuit against himself to force the insurance to pay up. Highly unusual — yes. Highly suspicious — also another yes. Murdaugh was able to settle with the insurance for over $4 million, but the sons received almost nothing of it. Alex Murdaugh pocketed most of it.

Who is Alex Murdaugh?

He was a powerful lawyer from South Carolina working for a law firm established by his grand-grandfather. The Murdaugh family name was well-known and respected across the South. Wealthy and well connected on the outside, it seemed Alex, his wife, Maggie, and their children had it all.

Until Alex Murdaugh’s life unravelled in the most unexpected way imaginable. His house of cards began to unravel when his wife and son were gunned down at their gated mansion. Though their murders remain unsolved, Murdaugh remains on the short suspect list.

The disgraced lawyer currently sits in jail, facing over 70 charges and a number of lawsuits. It has come to light that Murdaugh has been involved in illegal activities, including embezzling from his clients for years, money laundering, computer crime, forgery, the list goes on and on.