Baby Holly Marie” went missing in 1980 after both of her parents were discovered murdered in Texas. Texas Attorney General’s Office Cold Case and Missing Persons Unit used DNA and the help of genealogy to search for Holly.

Holly was contacted by investigators and was told her real name and the faith of her parents. It’s been alluded that Holly didn’t have prior knowledge of who her real parents were. Since the news, Holly has been in contact with her parents’ extended family.

The breaking news was shared on the Texas Attorney General website. Officials promised to release more details about Holly and her whereabout for the past forty years.

For now, “Baby Holly has been located alive and well and is now 42 years of age,” Paxton’s office said in a press release. “Holly has been notified of the identities of her biological parents and has been in contact with her extended biological family and they hope to meet in person soon.” Fox News reported.

Holly’s parents, Tina Gail Linn Clouse and Harold Dean Clouse Jr., originally from Texas, were discovered killed in a wooded area. Harold was beaten to death and Tine was strangled. But there was no trace of their baby. Officers weren’t able to identify the bodies until 2021. Their murder remains a mystery.

For forty years, Holly has been listed as missing. No one could provide information of where she could be.

‘It’s one of the most meaningful things I’ve ever been a part of,’ Det. Steve Wheeler, Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, told KHOU. ‘It’s a once in a lifetime thing to play even a small part in reuniting a family after 40 years.’ 

Holly is a mother-of-five, living in Oklahoma. Her parents’ relatives have called the stunning revelation an answered prayer.


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