Massachusetts girl, Holly Piirainen, 10, was killed almost 30 years ago and her case remains unsolved. In a renewed push to spotlight Holly’s case, local authorities featured Holly on a set of playing cards, along with other homicide victims and missing children.

Holly Piirainen and her family were visiting relatives in Sturbridge when she vanished on August 5, 1993. The girl and her brother, 8-year-old Andrew, went to visit a neighbor and look at puppies. Her brother returned home alone. Holly’s father called the police and reported his daughter missing.

Holly Piirainen/Murder Case/MassLive

Richard Piirainen and relatives took off to search for little Holly. They were vacationing in a cabin in a wooded area. Soon, local and state enforcement joined the search, but Holly wasn’t found, only one of her shoes.

Several months later, the body of a young child was discovered a few miles from Sturbridge. Hunters found her and alert the police.

In 2012, law enforcement tested new forensic evidence linking a possible suspect to Holly. A local man, David Pouliot, was named a suspect, but no arrests were ever made in the cold case because Pouliot died in 2003.

David Pouliot

According to Pouliot’s obituary, he lived with his mother and worked for the State Juvenile center. He was an avid outdoorsman who loved fishing. Pouliot’s name has been linked to another possible murder of a young girl, Molly Bish, who vanished not far from where Holly’s remains were found. Both cases remained unsolved.

Today, Holly’s case remains open. State officials are soliciting the public’s help. They ask anyone with information about Holly to call 413-505-5993.

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