About Jolene Grace


Jolene Grace knew only one thing with absolute certainty when she was a child — she’d become a writer when she grew up. At first, she wrote her stories in journals, scraps of papers, napkins, even her schoolbooks. Writing gave her an outlet to create worlds in which bad guys got punished for doing bad things. And the good guys always won.

Fast forward several decades later and Jolene continues to create fictional worlds in which her characters embark on a thrilling journey, navigating a maze of suspense and intrigue. She loves to wave a web of plot twists and puzzling clues that leave the readers guessing until the very end.

In her spare time when Jolene is not at her desk working on one of her next books, she co-hosts the fastest growing true crime podcast ‘The Crime Room.’ On the show she shares her unique perspective as a murder mystery novelist on all aspects of criminal behavior, police investigating techniques and psychology.

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