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    Reexamining John Le Carre’s Legacy. Two Books One Weekend Long Reading Marathon. Which Book is Worth Your Time?

    This particular holiday season, I revisited an author, whom I consider, the father of the spy thriller genre – none other than John Le Carre. The Christmas holiday must be my favorite. Right after Thanksgiving, I begin to get nostalgic about books I’ve read. I want to hold them again in my hands, snuggled on my couch with a cup of coffee reading the hours away. The good ol’ George Smiley, Alec Leamas and the gang, kept me company for a savory weekend of going undercover behind the lines of East Germany. No one does it better than Le Carre when it comes smoke and mirrors. He spins a sinister…

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    Jolene Grace and Connie Hambley Talk About Going Dark

    The terrific author Connie Hambley had me as a guest on her successful blog, Out of the Fog, to talk about my debut novel ‘Going Dark,’ out now on Amazon. Both Connie and I are members of Sisters in Crime, having met at an even, a while back. Connie is the author of the Jessica Trilogy. I’m happy to share with you, her blog post spotlighting the novel. Check it out below. 

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    Sweet Little Lies vs Ghosted Poll Results

    Yesterday on Twitter I asked in a poll which book you’d like me to read and review next. Sweet Little Lies by Caz Frear or Ghosted by Rosie Walsh, both hot items on the book market, both highly anticipated by book lovers. Sweet Little Lies will be released on August 14, 2018, but already is gaining momentum on Amazon among readers giving it over four stars out of five. It tells the story of a young London policewoman working on a murder case. The deeper she gets into the investigation the more she believes her estrange father has something to do with it. The book is being marketed as a journey into the protagonist’s dark childhood past that she can’t…