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    Shocking Twist in the Missing 5-Year-Old Harmony Montgomery’s Case Leads Detectives To The Home of Her Father

    A shocking twist in the case of missing Harmony Montgomery, 5 years old, who went missing in 2019 but has never been found. A large-scale police activity involving multiple agencies was reported today at an apartment where Harmony’s father used to live. Representatives from Manchester police, FBI, U.S. Marshals, the state attorney’s office and others were seeing unloading heavy police equipment and erecting a large privacy tent as they searched the apartment. Later in the day, detectives removed a refrigerator with a biohazard taped around it. The refrigerator was loaded onto a truck and sent to the state lab for testing. A representative for the state attorney’s office declined to…

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    Texas Truck Driver Charged in 30-Year-Old Cold Case of Murdered Mom of Four

    A retired Texas truck driver has been charged with the murder of a mom of four in a case unsolved for 30 years. In 1993, the body of Sherri Herrera, 30, from Tulare, California, was discovered off Interstate 10 in Desert Center. For decades, officials tried to find what happened to Sherri. And no one could provide information leading to cracking the case. In May of this year, Texas authorities arrested Douglas Thomas, 67, on suspicion of a murder of another woman he most likely killed in April, 1992. His DNA was obtained and tested. A DNA match came back positive for Thomas, linking him to Herrera’s murder. “Thomas’s DNA…

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    Who Killed 10-Year-Old Holly Piirainen? Almost 30 Years On Authorities Still Seek Justice

    Massachusetts girl, Holly Piirainen, 10, was killed almost 30 years ago and her case remains unsolved. In a renewed push to spotlight Holly’s case, local authorities featured Holly on a set of playing cards, along with other homicide victims and missing children. Holly Piirainen and her family were visiting relatives in Sturbridge when she vanished on August 5, 1993. The girl and her brother, 8-year-old Andrew, went to visit a neighbor and look at puppies. Her brother returned home alone. Holly’s father called the police and reported his daughter missing. Richard Piirainen and relatives took off to search for little Holly. They were vacationing in a cabin in a wooded…

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    Baby Holly Marie Found Alive After Missing For Forty Years

    “Baby Holly Marie” went missing in 1980 after both of her parents were discovered murdered in Texas. Texas Attorney General’s Office Cold Case and Missing Persons Unit used DNA and the help of genealogy to search for Holly. Holly was contacted by investigators and was told her real name and the faith of her parents. It’s been alluded that Holly didn’t have prior knowledge of who her real parents were. Since the news, Holly has been in contact with her parents’ extended family. The breaking news was shared on the Texas Attorney General website. Officials promised to release more details about Holly and her whereabout for the past forty years.…

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    New DNA Testing Leads To Breakthrough Arrest of the Pillowcase Rapist Linking Him to Six More Cold Cases  

    New DNA testing helped Florida law enforcement charge the ‘pillowcase’ rapist with six additional cold cases. Robert Eugene Koehler, 62, committed the crimes in the 1980s but authorities were never able to identify him until recently. Koehler was being held in jail on another rape charge when the news broke of the DNA discovery. Authorities suspected Koehler could be the perp of 40 to 45 more rapes committed in South Florida during Koehler’s rape spree. At a press conference, Sgt. Kami Floyd said, the cold case task force reviewed 500 evidence boxes before they cracked the case. The pillowcase rapist would break into the homes of his victims, pull a…

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    Where in the world is Kaitlin Armstrong? U.S. Marshals Announce Reward For Suspect in the Murder of Cyclist Mo Wilson

    Law enforcement is sharing new details of their search for Kaitlin Armstrong, the yoga instructor who gunned down her boyfriend’s lover, Mo Wilson. U.S. Marshals issued a Wanted poster with information about Armstrong, requesting public’s assistance. “The U.S. Marshals Lone Star Fugitive Task Force has learned that Kaitlin Marie Armstrong was dropped off at the Newark Liberty International Airport May 18, a day after Austin police obtained a warrant for her arrest.” The U.S. Marshals posted on Twitter. The agency believes Armstrong is armed and dangerous. They’re asking anyone with information to call the U.S. Marshal tip line at 313-202-6458. They issued a reward in the amount of up $5,000.…

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    Authorities to finally exhume the body of Alex Murdaugh’s dead housekeeper

    The body of Alex Murdaugh’s dead housekeeper to be exhumed four years after her suspicious trip and fall accident that caused her death. Gloria Satterfield worked for the Murdaugh’s family for nearly twenty years until she tripped on the family dog and hit her head. Satterfield never regained consciousness and died three weeks later. Speculations have swirled around the cause. Something wasn’t adding up. Until recently, the South Carolina police wasn’t able to investigate. But, nine months ago, the department formally opened a criminal investigation. For a while, we didn’t hear much about what was going on. Then, the Hampton County Coroner, Amy Topper, sent a letter to the local…

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    Cold Case Vic Identity Revealed After Decades of Investigating 

    The skeletal remains of a 15-year-old female murder victim have been identified after four decades. Was she killed by the Cop Killer?  In 1974, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office responded to an area the locals referred to as Brunt Bridge. At the scene, deputies discovered partial skeletal remains. Cops reported that the victim was a white female, between the age of 14 and 25, according to DNAsolves.com. Some of her clothes were discovered at the murder site, such as a skirt and a sweater. However, investigators cautioned that they couldn’t determent cause of death. Investigators believe the body has been at Brunt Bridge for approximately 1.5 years before she was…

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    Father’s Day Gift Guide

    June is all about Dad — the strong, funny, loving fathers, who always have a shoulder we can lean on. Yes, I’m talking about those dads! My husband is exactly the guy I’m describing. He can play for hours with our children, listen to their never-ending stories, build things out of nothing, go hiking, swimming, biking. You name it, he’s going to do it if our children ask him to. And I love watching him and the kids together. So, on June 19th, I planned on spoiling him big time. He’s totally worth it. Read on to see my big Father’s Day plans. Every year I ask my husband what…

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    Top Four Beach Reads To Keep The Heat On This Summer

    Goodbye Spring and a marvelous hello to Summer aka my favorite season. If I could spend my entire life hunkered down on a beach somewhere far far away and all I had was copious amounts of books, I won’t complain. But since that’s not an option, I go for Plan B — a family getaway to Florida. The sunshine state has been a favorite vacation spot for us since I can remember. Every year, around the same time, we pack our suitcases and fly off to Florida. This year was no exception for us. While most fret over how many swim suits to pack, I spent my time carefully selecting…

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    March Wrap Up

    March — you leaving us? So soon? I can’t believe it. Time flies by especially when you’re reading good books. And this month, every book was a winner. I focused on reading one book a week and I hit my goal. Yay me! But don’t celebrate me, celebrate the great selection of books below. Have you read any of them yet or all? What were your thoughts? Make sure to leave a comment in the comment section.

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    The Beekeeper of Aleppo is This Summer Most Brilliant Book 

    The Beekeeper of Aleppo is the type of book that will stay with you forever. I understand that my statement is bold, but this book deserves it. It’s daunting and beautiful. I fell in love with the characters and their pain was mine. Their suffering was mine. Their story was too. What Christi Lefteri has done – is write a story that will beat the passage of time. Where other books would fade in my memory, the Beekeeper of Aleppo will remain fresh.  I cried with Nuri, a beekeeper from Aleppo and his wife Afra when they lost their bees, their home, their only son in the Syrian war. I traveled with…

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    The Russian by Ben Coes is Brutally Intense 

    New York Time Bestselling author Ben Coes’ latest book ‘The Russian’ is explosive, noir and a heart attack on a page. He writes the type of books that speak to my heart – espionage with plots that drop me in the middle of the action in a foreign country. I can’t resist. ‘The Russian’ is Coes’ new series featuring Rob Tacoma, an ex-Navy Seal and a recruit by the CIA to take on American’s worst enemy. Members of the Russian mob have infiltrated America and are controlling the criminal underworld. Blocking every attempt by law enforcement to curb their illegal activities, the Russian mob has grown into a powerful enterprise that…

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    Best Selling Author Caz Frear is Back with Stone Cold Heart

    The brilliant Caz Frear, Sweet Little Lies, is back with Stone Cold Heart on sale since July 2nd. Cat Kinsella whom we met in Sweet Little Lies, is back too working on a new case still balancing her complicated professional and personal life. Cat is investigating the murder of an Australian woman Naomi Lockhart, whose murder is full of gaps and inconsistencies. And while Cat and her team are scrambling to build a case against a suspect, they discover that nothing adds up. To make things worse, Cat’s boyfriend, Aiden Doyle, whom she’s keeping a secret from her friends, is not too pleased. Cat, off course, has her reasons. And…

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    June Wrap Up 

    Holy Smokes! Looking over the list of wonderful books I read in June, a theme is jumping out, screaming military combat and spy chasing, all of which are in my wheelhouse. If you are searching for your next thrilling read, then the books below won’t disappoint you.

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    Recursion is A Mind-Bending Trip 

    I still can’t figure out what happened? I’m not a sci-fi fan. I checked and then double checked my library and I’m the proud owner of none sci-fi books in my collection…till now, of course. Recursion by Blake Crouch, published on June 7th, is taking the publishing world by a storm, rightfully so, may I gallantly add. I’m not sure what drew me first to the book, the bright yellow book cover, screaming for my attention or the bold synopsis. Perhaps a combination of both.