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    Reexamining John Le Carre’s Legacy. Two Books One Weekend Long Reading Marathon. Which Book is Worth Your Time?

    This particular holiday season, I revisited an author, whom I consider, the father of the spy thriller genre – none other than John Le Carre. The Christmas holiday must be my favorite. Right after Thanksgiving, I begin to get nostalgic about books I’ve read. I want to hold them again in my hands, snuggled on my couch with a cup of coffee reading the hours away. The good ol’ George Smiley, Alec Leamas and the gang, kept me company for a savory weekend of going undercover behind the lines of East Germany. No one does it better than Le Carre when it comes smoke and mirrors. He spins a sinister…

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    Debut Novel

      Jolene Grace began working on the foreign desk for CBS Evening News while still in college pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Broadcasting. After graduation, Jolene worked for Oklahoma Public Radio as a reporter and producer, covering state politics and issues. During her career as a reporter, Ms. Grace had the pleasure of interviewing people from all walks of life, including politicians and entertainers. Most recently, Ms. Grace finished writing her debut novel, GOING DARK, drawing from her experience in foreign news to pen the first in her series of spy thrillers.