The Husband:

The Husband (Jolene’s Husband of course) is a Police officer who promoted himself to a Sergeant and then now Lieutenant and has been serving his city for the past 10 years. He has investigated various felony crimes such as Homicides, rapes, home invasions, burglaries, robberies, kidnappings, grand theft autos, drug trafficking, firearms violations, forgery/counterfeit, as well as misdemeanor cases such as simple assault and batteries, operating under the influence of liquor/drugs (DUI), unlicensed operation and much more. He has written and executed multiple search warrants, conducted various protective sweeps, pat frisks and exit orders. He has been involved in numerous police vehicle chases, fights, disturbances, foot pursuits, suspect/hostage negotiations and felony stops.

He is trained with an assortment of weapons such as his department issued firearm, assault rifle, shotgun, as well as less then lethal options such as the taser, bean bag rounds, pepper spray, and baton. He has displayed all the above weapons as a show of force on several occasions, as well as administering (using) multiple less then lethal options such as the taser, bean bag rounds, pepper spray and baton. He has testified in court on multiple occasions, while even arresting and booking several of his fellow officers for crimes they have committed. He partakes in various trainings and is a field training officer where he is responsible for training new recruits and making sure they meet the expectations of the department. He has spoken with countless victims, witnesses and suspects and is using his experience to better protect our communities and loved ones by sharing his knowledge through his writings. He believes that communication is the most important tool in which a police officer can build and train on and has successfully used his communication skills to defuse otherwise potentially deadly force incidents.