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" It's been said that writing is one of the loneliest jobs. But how could it be? My characters keep me entertained for hours and I'm never alone when I write "
Jolene Grace


Jolene Grace is an American murder mystery writer and whodunit author. She loves to write books of captivating tales that leave readers spellbound. With a love for all things detective, she creates stories that keep everyone else guessing until the very end. 

When Jolene’s not at her desk solving a new murder case, she co-hosts ‘The Crime Room’ – a true crime podcast about how homicide detectives catch bad guys. 

You can learn more about Jolene on here, check out her books and sign up for her newsletter for exclusive previews of her upcoming books, free chapters and much more. Or listen to the latest episode of the hottest true crime podcast ‘The Crime Room’ on any podcast platform you like. Visit thecrimeroom.com to read the latest crime stories. 

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Happy Reading

Going Dark – A Gabriel Jets Novel


Gabriel Jets is the CIA’s top agent, a man with a reputation of getting the job done, no matter the price. On a rare visit back to the States, Jets is dispatched to collect a video depicting the kidnapping of four U.S. journalists working undercover in Damascus, Syria.
Meanwhile, the U.S. president and his chief of staff, Robert McKaine, are called to the Situation Room to receive a briefing. Damascus is rocked by a terrorist plot that killed 25 innocent people.
A link between the two events is quickly discovered, with evidence pointing to the involvement of another U.S. journalist, Amelia Sinclair, a prominent foreign correspondent, with direct ties to the missing.
While Jets hunts for the video, he crosses paths with Amelia. In a blink of an eye, his mission is compromised as he believes she is being set up to be the fall guy.
As the U.S. government closes in to arrest Sinclair, Jets alters his assignment to help clear her name and track down the powerful men behind the ploy to draw in the country into an international scandal.
If Jets fails, the country he swore to protect, will go dark.