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    The Beekeeper of Aleppo is This Summer Most Brilliant Book 

    The Beekeeper of Aleppo is the type of book that will stay with you forever. I understand that my statement is bold, but this book deserves it. It’s daunting and beautiful. I fell in love with the characters and their pain was mine. Their suffering was mine. Their story was too. What Christi Lefteri has done – is write a story that will beat the passage of time. Where other books would fade in my memory, the Beekeeper of Aleppo will remain fresh. I cried with Nuri, a beekeeper from Aleppo and his wife Afra when they lost their bees, their home, their only son in the Syrian war. I traveled with…

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    The Russian by Ben Coes is Brutally Intense 

    New York Time Bestselling author Ben Coes’ latest book ‘The Russian’ is explosive, noir and a heart attack on a page. He writes the type of books that speak to my heart – espionage with plots that drop me in the middle of the action in a foreign country. I can’t resist. ‘The Russian’ is Coes’ new series featuring Rob Tacoma, an ex-Navy Seal and a recruit by the CIA to take on American’s worst enemy. Members of the Russian mob have infiltrated America and are controlling the criminal underworld. Blocking every attempt by law enforcement to curb their illegal activities, the Russian mob has grown into a powerful enterprise that…

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    Best Selling Author Caz Freat is Back with Stone Cold Heart

    The brilliant Caz Frear, Sweet Little Lies, is back with Stone Cold Heart on sale since July 2nd. Cat Kinsella whom we met in Sweet Little Lies, is back too working on a new case still balancing her complicated professional and personal life. Cat is investigating the murder of an Australian woman Naomi Lockhart, whose murder is full of gaps and inconsistencies. And while Cat and her team are scrambling to build a case against a suspect, they discover that nothing adds up. To make things worse, Cat’s boyfriend, Aiden Doyle, whom she’s keeping a secret from her friends, is not too pleased. Cat, off course, has her reasons. And…

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    June Wrap Up 

    Holy Smokes! Looking over the list of wonderful books I read in June, a theme is jumping out, screaming military combat and spy chasing, all of which are in my wheelhouse. If you are searching for your next thrilling read, then the books below won’t disappoint you.