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    It All Begins With The First Chapter

    Magic happens when your fingers start blazing over the keyboard, typing away words, drafting sentences, paragraph after paragraph. The first chapter of your Act One is finished and you feel like you’ve climbed a small hill, headed for the top of the mounting. You should be proud of this act of bravery, but then you give your First Chapter a read-through and you realize that you could have done a better job. Writers, after all, are some of the some self-criticizing creatures, dissecting and examining each word until their head spins and they’re ready to give up!

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    My Must Read Book List

    In celebration of #Fridayreads on Twitter, I wanted to share with you some of the books that are near and dear to my heart. I’ve read each book more than once and I keep a copy in my library to revisit now and again. The books in this list are in no particular order because I found it impossible to narrow down which one is my most favorite. If I ended up on an island somewhere and if I was told to bring only three books – I would argue that I need to bring them all with me!